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The following list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) has been put together to help answer some of the common questions that we have received about house swaps and condo trader. If your question is not answered, please contact us. Thanks!

Q: How easy is it to add my property to Do I need to have web development experience?
A: Web development experience is NOT required. When you become a member, you are provided a user id and password to login to Once you log in, you can create your website by simply filling in a form. A generic template has already been developed to format your web page so that it appears as a professionally completed site. That's it! Quick and easy! It takes most individuals less than one hour to set up.

Q: Do you include pictures?
A: Yes, each listing comes with 3 pictures. These pictures are easy to upload using our picture loader. Any digital photo can be uploaded if it is less than 1 MB in size. If you have printed photos, you will need to scan them first to create a photo file. This file can then be uploaded. Most local camera and office supply stores can do a scan to create a picture that can be used online.

Q: What fees does require?
A: The only fee charged by is a yearly membership fee for access to the network of vacation property owners interested in house swaps. No additional fees apply.

Q: How do I make arrangements to trade with other property owners?
A: All trading arrangements are made directly between the property owners interested in house swaps or vacation home trade. does not get involved in discussions, negotiations or any arrangements between parties. Nor does TradeCondos assume any liability for the arrangements made.

Q: Does TradeCondos make any recommendations as to how to trade?
A: As TradeCondos is not responsible for any arrangements made via the individual members of, we do not make recommendations as to how to trade. As with any standard arrangement, it would make sense to ensure that you have a contract (informal or formal) outlining the specifics to the arrangements.

Q: Does TradeCondos recommend that we process trades through via a credit card?
A: As TradeCondos is not responsible for any arrangements made via the individual members of, we do not make recommendations as to how to trade, including the use of credit cards. However, we have found that some members like the formality and security in charging "like amounts" to respective credit cards.

Q: I am already a member of an affiliate site --, or Do I need to sign up for
A: No, members of TradeCondos affiliate sites are offered a complimentary membership in TradeCondos. Your login for your existing membership can be used within the site. If you cannot login, you may need to go back to your membership home site, login to your property editor and set your "trade lodging" flag to "YES". This flag is located within your account information.

Q: Do members get a free membership into affiliate sites --, or
A: No, members of are not offered complimentary membership in TradeCondos affiliate sites. If you are interested in our property management services, you will need to login within one of the above affiliate sites and sign up for a membership. Membership costs for property management services are $19.99 per month or $149.99 per year.


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