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Trade Watcher: condo trader, home swap house exchange

Trade Watcher is an exclusive service available to members.

As members in, you will be able to search our property database to find potential trades with our existing members. You will have the flexiblity of searching by property type (beach, mountain, etc) or by specific geographic location. Once you find properties that you are interested in visiting, you can then contact the owner regarding a potential trade or swap of their vacation property for yours.

Trade Watcher takes this process one step further. If, during your search, there are no properties available or if the currently listing properties are not interested in your trade destination, you can take advantage of the convenience offered by our Trade Watcher service. When properties are added for that location, Trade Watcher will automatically notify you so that you can initiate contact with that property owner.

Once you've found a party that is interested in trading, negotiations take place directly between the owners of the respective parties. There are no fees for using the TradeCondos site other than the small yearly membership fee paid to become part of the network.

NOTE: does not assume any liability for agreements or arrangements made per property owners utilizing the TradeCondos or affiliate sites. Individual members assume full responsiblity for any negotiations and arrangements made.


Ready to become a condo trader and start saving money on your lodging expenses? Become a member today and start using our home swap house exchange services.



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